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Who We Are

We are ordinary people dedicated to the betterment of other people’s lives in our own neighborhoods.

Giants of Generosity, founded by D. Jane Albanese, is based on the Pay-It-Forward model of recognizing and encouraging altruism in our local communities as portrayed in Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel of the same name.

Inspired by the rising tide of celebrity philanthropy, and by her friends’ acts of kindness and generosity in her own time of dire need, Albanese created Giants of Generosity, a non-profit organization. Understanding that life sometimes has a way of bringing you to your knees, and after many years of struggling to survive, Jane realized that in order to heal she must do something meaningful to help others right here at home.

“Like a pendulum on steroids,” Albanese says, “life’s twists and turns have taken me from a place of great privilege, to one I hope never to visit again–not quite as I imagined it.

I have been loved and I have been secure; I have been abandoned, and I have been hungry.  I’ve been happier than a songbird in spring and sadder than anyone should be allowed to be.  At times, I have also been terribly frightened.

These experiences have taught me how fragile we are, and why we must always be there for one another in order to sustain life.  I hope that this story will help others recognize the precious value of human interaction and the priceless bond of family as God so intended it.

My heart goes out to all who may never have experienced the joy of a loving home or the revered gift of a blissfully happy childhood.  Mine, was deliriously happy, although not without a hiccup or two along the way.


* * * * *

 A group of like-minded people and I are now helping others in crisis return to the fullness of life. As we embark on the most rewarding and exhilarating journey of our lives, we are experiencing the joy of giving on a very intimate and personal level and invite you to join us.