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Angela F.

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Angela Edith John (2)

Angela has a 23 cm x 13 cm bed sore, akin to the size of a leg of lamb, on her backside after being poorly handled in a rehab facility. During Hurricane Sandy, Angela fell and seriously injured her leg. She and her husband, John, suffered severe damage to their home in the storm, and John has been laid off since 2011. He is Angela’s sole caregiver. They are living on Angela’s disability and food stamps. Angela lives and sleeps on a love seat with two hassocks holding her legs up, and she needs to get a Bariatric hospital bed to help her heal. Send your donations Now! Please. Giants of Generosity rely’s solely on contributions from people like you. Thank you.

UPDATE: Giants of Generosity has obtained the proper Bariatric hospital bed for Angela and she is now able to get some much need sleep. She has the ability to roll off of the wound to help it heal. Angela has been living and sleeping confined to the love seat since last November, 2015.

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