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Brian Dimetres’ Cedars Sinai Treatment

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In 2007 Brian was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his right temporal lobe. After recovering from surgery, he carried on with resilient optimism. He and Stephanie married in 2010 and were moving forward with their careers. Then in 2012 he suffered a grand mal seizure and the doctors found a 2nd tumor and operated again. When Brian awoke he had suffered a stroke (paralysis on the left side). Wheelchair bound he moved from the ICU to a rehabilitation hospital where he had to learn to walk again. In 2013 a third tumor was discovered. Brian traveled to Cedars Sinai for that surgery in hopes of being accepted into Dr. Yu’s potentially life-saving clinical trial. By the Grace of God Brian has been accepted and will begin his treatment on May 15th.
Dr. John S. Yu of Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, is currently the Principal Investigator of immune therapies to treat patients with malignant brain tumors, vaccinating patients with the cutting-edge, cancer vaccine called ICT-107.
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