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Notes of Gratitude from Some of the Families We Have Helped.

  I am so deeply grateful for everything that Giants of Generosity has done to help Brian get through his illness and the clinical trial in California. As you know, he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles five times, and thanks to you he did it! During his first visit he had a process called, “Leukapheresis” (extraction of his white blood cells). His blood cells were then combined with the center of the tumor tissue and then left to culture for two weeks. Then he had the first vaccination injection into his armpit. He had a severe headache and slept most of the time. He and Stephanie took the third trip and he received his second vaccination injection. After not having seen him for 3 weeks, I was surprised to see how well he looked. He was so much better!  Last week, his appearance, cognition, and energy level were even better when we went back to LA for his final visit. This was a follow up visit during which we were told that Brian’s MRI results were, “… Perfect – without any sign of residual tumor or recurrence.”  His body has been returning to a more normal state, other than the residual effects of the stroke he had a few years ago. I just wanted to take a moment to update all of you and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and everything you have done to help bring happiness, healing, and joy back into Brian’s life. May God Bless You and keep you well. With Deepest Gratitude and Appreciation…Mia Wood

Dear Jane,    
Thank you so much for your help. Giants of Generosity came through for me when no one else would. After contacting numerous organizations for assistance regarding home heating oil, and being told that funds were simply not available at this time, I found myself in the midst of an impending emergency. Especially with temperatures dropping and the forecast of snow. When I reached out to you, my emergency became your emergency. Unlike the plethora of other organizations that I contacted, Giants of Generosity did not merely dismiss me with a phone call. You went above and beyond to locate the funds that I so desperately needed. I truly felt that you put yourself in my position. If I was going to be cold due to lack of heat, you would be too. The true meaning of “There but for the Grace of God, go I,” has never been more profoundly Illustrated. What your organization does is much more than provide greatly needed assistance. You stitch the common thread of humanity which is quite often overlooked by other organizations. Giants of Generosity understands that a person in crisis experiencing an emergency, is not just a proverbial statistic but rather, a living breathing human being with dignity, emotions and feelings. You genuinely care about people. You value each and every individual who reaches out to you. You’re incredible generosity of heart and spirit is unparalleled. Your inherent kindness creates the quintessential blend of altruism and philanthropy which transcends the realm of giving and elevates your organization to a much higher level, far apart from all the rest. You truly are Giants of Generosity, understanding, caring and compassion. Your organization makes the world a much better, kinder, and for me a “warmer” place. Thank you again and God Bless you for all of your good work. With the very best of wishes always…Julianne Barrella

Dear Jane,

Thank you. These words are inadequate to express our appreciation to you, and 
your organization Giants of Generosity, for your work on behalf of our daughter, 
Joanne Chasmar. We pray that one day Joanne will also be able to thank you personally. This note is brief, however, our thanks is enormous and from the bottom of our hearts. 
Again, thank you…Sincerely,
 Lucy and Jim Sabato

  Dear Ms. Albanese, You leave me speechless. I received your surprise gift and want you to know how grateful I am. How do I thank you? It came just as my medical bills are piling up and the collection agencies are calling at all hours. I wonder how I’ll pay them all. As you know, I am a single mother of two children without medical insurance. Prior to our divorce we were all covered by my husbands insurance, but circumstances leave you with choices and insurance was not a priority because other things had to take precedence. Believing that I was young and healthy I went back to work at a job which didn’t offer health insurance, but gave me the hours I needed to still take care of my kids. I also thought that in a couple years I should be back on my feet, my children will be older and hopefully by age 50 I’ll be able to get insurance coverage for all three of us. Then I discovered the lump. I’m only 48, how could it be cancer? And I have no health insurance. Clearly I have made some wrong choices. Now that I’ve had the surgery and I’m going through radiation, I must say that everyone involved in my treatment has been wonderful, and somehow we’ll get through this. Again I thank you so much.  Sincerely… Janet M. Marsico

  Dear Giants of Generosity: I am a single mother on disability with a very limited income. Although I have barely enough to pay my bills month to month, when something unforeseen occurs I have no resources. In October of 2011 a freak storm caused two large tree limbs to pierce my roof. The cost of repairs well exceeded my financial resources. Also during this time my car brakes stopped working and after taking the car to a mechanic I learned the cost of repairs would be in excess of 1500.00. As I needed to repair my roof immediately as well as fix my car so that I could bring my son back and forth to school, I was forced to use the money I had put aside to pay my property taxes. I was in debt and had nowhere to turn. I knew that if I didn’t find the money soon I would end up having a lien placed on my home. In desperation I turned to Giants of Generosity and was immediately assisted by a team of helpers who addressed my multiple hardships. Gerry Fallon arranged for me to see a mechanic who repaired my car at no cost. In addition, Gerry and Jane arranged for payment of my property taxes, saving my home from a tax lien. All of this was done with such a spirit of compassion and generosity. I am truly thankful. Thank you Giants of Generosity for saving my life. You are truly my light in the dark. Sincerely…Lori Fagen

  Dear Jane: I wanted to write and thank you on behalf of my entire family for Giants of Generosity’s well….generous help getting our electricity back on. When I called you I was in a complete panic.  I have 5 sons and a disabled husband.  As I explained to you, I work as much as I can, but often my full-time amounts to the normal person’s part-time.  Receiving $11.00/hour and trying to feed 5 boys doesn’t leave anything to pay bills with, and we found ourselves severely behind in our PSE&G bill.  Even though you were on vacation and trying to get some rest and trying to heal your own body, you worked tirelessly to not only help me make connections that could possibly help with the bill; but you made numerous phone calls to your “Giants” and consequently met PSE&G’s $2,400.00 demand.  At that point, our family was without electricity – no lights, no refrigerator, no internet/computer for homework – for 10 days.  It was horrible.  The children were upset, we were upset, and feeling like failures, and Giants of Generosity stepped in and saved the day. Jane, I cannot thank you and the rest of the Giants for your compassion and understanding and financial assistance.  I hope you know just how much we needed you, as the help that is currently available in Bergen County is practically non-existent.  Without Giants of Generosity, we would still be in the dark.  God bless all of you.  I know that there are many families that have much more serious problems than a lack of electricity and I also know that things could always be worse; but when you have to look at your sad and frustrated children every day and try and explain why we don’t have lights….well, that was tough. Thank you, Jane.  Thank you, Giants of Generosity.  I pray that God blesses all of your efforts in wonderful ways.  I pray for good health, Jane and I thank you for your patience and kindness. With Sincere Gratitude… Judy Williams & The Williams Family

  “Assault on a Good Samaritan named Angel”. On Friday April 4th 2008 at 3:40 PM, Mr. Deida observed his stepdaughter trying to assist a 69-year-old Tenafly woman who was being attacked by two young men. Without concern for himself, Angel jumped a fence and ran from his home to try to help. It was then that one of the men threw Angel up against a van, striking the back of his head causing him to fall to the ground. “I don’t feel my body! I don’t feel my body!” Angel recalled screaming after his fall. The two men ran netting $50.00 and a cell phone. Angel was rushed to Englewood Hospital and Medical Center where a team of doctors, led by Dr. Frank Moore, chief of the neurosurgery department, determined whether Mr. Deida would walk again. They surgically placed two titanium rods in the back of his neck along with six screws creating a hinge like effect. He also received bone replacement and extensive work to the discs between the bones. After a ten day stay in Englewood Hospital Angel was transferred to Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Center for extensive therapy. Angel’s wife, Gloria and family were constantly by his side showing the kind of love and support he so desperately needed. As of this writing, Mr. Deida is able to walk with a slight limp, seldom using the support of his cane. One day after his surgery from his bedside Angel told CBS news, “I forgive them from my heart – deep inside my heart I really do. I just want them to realize they did something wrong.”

   “How a freak accident changed the lives of a family in an instant.” On September 8, 2007 Edilberto (Bong) L. Manansala, a 48 year old man fell on the basketball court in Bergenfield, NJ fracturing his skull. He was taken to Hackensack Medical Center where emergency brain surgery was performed removing a large portion of his skull due to massive internal bleeding and brain swelling. Doctors advised the family that he might not make it through the surgery due to the severity of his injury. Six days later the family was advised that there was no hope of recovery, therefore he should be taken off life support. Bong did survive the initial surgery but has remained in a comatose state. Miraculously, after having his skull bone replaces, Bong spoke his wife’s name and he is gradually recovering but is still unable to stand and walk. He has endured 14 operations and two years in the hospital. Doctors from Kessler now believe that with proper physical therapy Bong Manansala may recover and one day walk again. – On behalf of the Manansala family, Giants of Generosity is still accepting donations and requesting donated physical therapy services since no further insurance benefits are available. For further information please call 201-567-2622. Donations may be mailed to Giants of Generosity, Inc. • 201 Piermont Rd. #16 • Cresskill, NJ 07670 • 201-567-2622, or made securely, online at

  Dear Jane, It was quite an ordeal and they weren’t able to do it all (major dental restoration). I have to go through it all again as I wasn’t able to take any more anesthesia. I am trying not to think about the money part right now. Again, thank you so much for the generosity. It keeps me hopeful! Many thanks to the other Giants. P.S. You and all your needs are in my prayers…Joan Lewan  

  I am writing to thank you for the $500 that you have helped me out with for my rent. I am so grateful and I hope one day I can pay you back plus some, so you can continue to help people in need. I prayed to God the night before I received your check, asking him to help me to find some way to pay my rent, as I am having a very, very hard time right now paying my bills. The next day you told me you were sending me a check. God is good. He works miracles. I know He will continue to help me with my finances. You are a good, caring person, Jane, who God is using to help those less fortunate. He will bless you greatly. I will pray for you and your organization to prosper. I know you will. If you can use me in any way, please let me know, I will be glad to help you in any way I can. Thank you again. God bless you and your organization…Love, Diana Marinaccio